More apply to LAPD after city approves raises and bonuses

More than 1,000 people applied in August to become Los Angeles Police officers, the most in any month since 2020

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The LAPD said Tuesday that more people began the process of applying to become police officers in August, just as the City Council approved a package of bonuses and raises aimed at growing the size of the department to about 9,500 officers.

Starting pay is now $86,192, and the department said 1,048 people applied last month, the largest number of applications in any month since September 2020.

"We have seen a recent increase in online applications in those interested in joining the department in our sworn positions, which I'm encouraged by," Chief Michel Moore told the Board of Police Commissioners.

Until August, the LAPD had received around 840 applications each month, and it had been struggling to fill classes at the police academy.

Moore said 52 more officers retired, resigned, or transferred to other agencies in recent weeks, bringing the current staffing level to 8,959, one of the lowest levels in at least a decade.

"I'm concerned that the department is rapidly approaching a number where we will not be able to handle the task that is before us, which is to keep the citizens of Los Angeles safe," said Commissioner William J. Briggs, II.

The Department said it is conducting more screenings and exams to keep up with the increased number of applications, and said it has been trying to reduce the time to less than three months between application and academy training.

Academy classes have a capacity of 60 officers but have been about half full in 2023.

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