Map: See Where Wildfires Are Burning in California

California is coming off a dry winter that left most of the state in moderate to extreme drought -- dangerous conditions for wildfires.

California is entering the hot and dry months of summer with most of the state in moderate to extreme drought.

Dry conditions and above-normal temperatures in spring will leave brush moisture levels lower than normal. That means wildfires will have the potential to spread quickly once they start in hot and windy conditions.

The map below shows where California's wildfires are burning (updated daily). Use the layover tool to the right to toggle between displays, including fire perimeters.

  • The red fire symbols classify the fire by acres. The symbol increases in size as the fire increases in coverage.
  • The polygons show current perimeters.
  • The map legend also shows Hazardous Wildfire Conditions: Red Flag Warning and Fire Weather Watch.

California is in its third straight dry year. Drought conditions throughout the state have left hillsides covered in dry brush, proving fuel for fires that can rapidly spread in hot and windy conditions.

Through May 6, more than 1,500 wildfires have burned 6,700 acres in California, according to CalFire statistics. Last year during the same timeframe, about 1,900 wildfires burned more than 13,200 acres.

The state's five-year average for that time period is 1,156 wildfires and 5,893 acres burned.

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