Caught on Camera: Coyote Attacks Dog in Rancho Cucamonga

A heartbroken dog owner in Rancho Cucamonga discovered his beloved dachshund was killed by a coyote on surveillance camera overnight Tuesday.

Gregory Schmauss was horrified to discover the footage showing one of his pooches trying to protect his backyard before getting killed.

Brandie, Oliver and Riley, the man’s three pups, went to investigate after noticing the intruder. The coyote had jumped a 7-foot-tall wall that encloses the backyard.

The footage shows the coyote approaching Brandie from behind. Oliver tries to protect Brandie, lunging at the coyote, and the coyote turning to run.

The coyote then doubles back and attacks Oliver, carrying him away in its mouth. The dogs chased after the animal and it drops Oliver.

Brandie recovered after a trip to the animal hospital, but Oliver did not.

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