Coo Over LA Zoo's New Baby Condor

7 photos
LouAnne Brickhouse
#LA1720 arrived at the Los Angeles Zoo on Aug. 20, 2020. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
The team created a "manual pip" in the shell earlier in the week to encourage the hatching process. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
LouAnne Brickhouse, the LA Zoo's Conservation Ambassador, snapped the thrilling first moments. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
The chick had been "malpositioned" inside the shell but keeper Debbie helped it to emerge safely. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
The cute condor infant received an immediate and thorough exam. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
The exam " ...includes applying antiseptic to the umbilicus (the equivalent to a human baby’s umbilical cord)," shared the zoo's Instagram page. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
As for what happens next? "The chick will go right into a warm brooder so the team can monitor health over the next 36 hours to make sure this new life is strong." Find out more about the sweet California condor baby on the LA Zoo's social pages, and check out Conservation Ambassador LouAnne Brickhouse's nature-amazing adventures at @TheDailyJames. (photographer: LouAnne Brickhouse)
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