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Detectives Investigating Claims About Other Assaults on Students at Hamilton High School

Police are examining additional reports of assaults on students at the West LA high school campus

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It’s where a female student was allegedly sexually assaulted in a bathroom on campus last week. Eric Leonard reports for the NBC4 News on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.

Detectives are investigating a variety of claims about other assaults on students at the Hamilton High School campus in West Los Angeles, including the alleged sexual groping of a young student that happened two days before police say an older female student was attacked in a bathroom last Wednesday afternoon.

The LAPD said it was seeking to interview other students who may be victims or witnesses and investigators encouraged them to contact the Department’s West Los Angeles division or school administrators.

The groping incident allegedly happened on campus Monday, Oct. 18. It was reported a week ago Wednesday, the same day police say an older teenage girl was sexually assaulted by a male student in a bathroom near the gym while other male students watched and at least one recorded the assault on cellphone video.

The LA School Police Department said the bathroom attack was reported to police the following day, Thursday, and parents were notified that afternoon about an ‘incident’ that occurred on campus, but the notification did not characterize it as a sexual assault.

Video of what appears to be the bathroom assault was posted to several social media accounts and police said this week they were making efforts to have the clips removed. 

Detectives cautioned that anyone circulating the material could be prosecuted for possessing or sending images of child sexual abuse.