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Southern California-Based Companies Ranked in Fortune's Best Companies to Work For in 2022

New American Funding ranked 18 on Fortune's 2022 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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Several Southern California-based companies were recognized by Fortune Magazine in their 2022 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

The top ranked SoCal company was Tustin-based New American Funding, listed as the 18th best company to work for in the U.S.

Founded in 2003 and now the largest woman and Latino-owned mortgage company in the U.S., the company's ranking is attributed largely to its culture and efforts to increase diversity in the homeowner population.

The company has offices around the U.S. but is headquartered in Orange County.

In order to support staff, company president Patty Arvielo introduced a program on career development where she offers employees advice herself.

The mortgage company also assists staff with their own home purchases. During this process, the company waives origination fees and provides employees who work with approved real estate agents lender credits.

Hoping to increase the number of Black and brown homeowners in America, the company launched their New American Dream initiative which offers "home buying education, accessibility to credit and mortgage industry career opportunity awareness to Black communities."

The initiative aims to lend $20 billion worth of new mortgages to Black borrowers by 2028.

With over 4,504 employees as of March 2022, 60.7% are women and 45.4% represent minorities, according to Fortune.

The company had 138 job openings as of this date, the magazine reports.

The other Southern California-based companies mentioned farther down in Fortune's 2022 ranking include: Experian (Costa Mesa), The Cheesecake Factory (Calabasas), First American Financial (Santa Ana) and the Panda Restaurant Group (Rosemead) and Scripps Health (San Diego.)

Several other California-based companies also made Fortune's list of top companies to work for, including Salesforce and Cisco, both headquartered in the Bay Area.

To see the full list of companies, click here.

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