Camera Thief Crashes Wedding

This isn't what John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey had in mind when it came to crashing weddings.

An uninvited attendee violated all the rules in "Wedding Crashers" last weekend when he stole an expensive camera with the couple's wedding photos.

Police said surveillance video shows the man walk to a table where the wedding photographer had just set down the camera. The man then slipped the camera under his jacket and ran from the hotel.

"My sister went to the bathroom and locked herself in there -- didn't want to talk to anyone," said Josh Condon, the bride's brother. "She was crying. Even her husband was speechless."

The newlyweds paid $1,200 for the professional photogapher. Now they just have photos from friends and family.

The family said they hope the thief will at least return the drive that contains the pictures.

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