Can’t Get Thrown Out of Apple Store

Getty Images

Want to get thrown out of an Apple retail store? Good luck.

Comedian Mark Malkoff noticed the customers at the Apple Stores can get away with everything, from having dance parties, to bringing in pets. So he set out to see what might be going "too far."

Malkoff first had a pizza delivered to him in the store, ate it, and even offered it to the employees. That didn't get him thrown out.

He then had a romantic date with his wife in the store, complete with live music. Still, no one tossed him out.

Next he dressed as Darth Vader and asked for help with his broken iPhone. The Apple Geniuses not only helped with his problem, they took photos of themselves with Sith Lord.

Finally, Malkoff showed up with a rather unruly goat. Was that the straw that broke the came's back? 

Check out his video below to find out:

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