Torre: When Jeter Gets Married, I'll Be the First to Know

Former Yankee manager Joe Torre says that when his former shortstop Derek Jeter decides to get hitched, that he’ll be the first to find out.

"Derek promised me I’m the first person he’s telling," the current Dodger manager told a crowd of 7,000 gathered this week at a fundraiser.

Jeter has always revered his longtime manager. To this day, he refers to him as "Mr. Torre."

The event, called "Koufax and Torre: Safe At Home," was a talk given by Torre and Dodger legend Sandy Koufax at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. The even raised more than $700,000 for Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation, which benefits victims of domestic violence.

It was the first time in decades the famous recluse, Koufax, spoke before a large audience.

Torre also was asked what he thought of Minka Kelly.

"Who’s that?" he responded.

When told she was Jeter’s current squeeze, Torre said, "I have no idea who he’s dating now."

Torre was also asked who his favorite player is of all time. Without hesitation, he chose Jeter, citing his maturity at the age of 21 coming up to the Yankees, and his years of consistent success on the field.

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