Woman and Her Alleged Lover Indicted for Murder in Case of Slain Hairdresser

A grand jury has indicted Monica Sementelli and Robert Louis Baker in the killing of Fabio Sementelli

The wife of a well-known hairdresser fatally stabbed in his Woodland Hills home has been indicted for murder.

NBC4's I-Team has obtained the grand jury indictment for Monica Sementelli and Robert Louis Baker.

Police say the pair created an elaborate plan to kill Fabio Sementelli so that they could collect insurance money.

Detectives say the motive was a life insurance policy worth $1.6 million, listing Monica Sementelli as the beneficiary.

The indictment says Monica and Robert, who met at a local gym, planned to live together once Fabio was dead.

It also says Monica gave Robert instructions on when the housekeeper and even her own daughter would be out of the home so that "there would be no witnesses."

The beloved and respected hairdresser found stabbed to death in his Woodland Hills home on Jan. 23.

Police say Monica and Baker planned the murder. Baker called Monica over 17,000 times over the course of the year before the Fabio Sementelli, 50, was killed, according to the indictment for murder.

In the I-Team's review of the documents Sementelli is believed to have changed security passwords on the family home security system and given them to Baker in order to track Fabio's movements in the home.

It is alleged Monica drove to a local store the day of the crime to establish an alibi. An unknown co-conspirator and Baker entered the home and attacked Sementelli from behind, according to the documents.

The indictment says Baker cut his finger and went to the kitchen to wash off the victim's blood, leaving his own blood behind in the process.

Monica is alleged to have waited for her youngest daughter to arrive home first and find her father's body.

Monica accepted a posthumous lifetime achievement award for Fabio, days before she and Robert would be arrested in June.

The indictment shows between March 26 and March 28 of this year, Monica was posting photographs and statements of her alleged sadness over her husband's death while having sex with Robert in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Police say the co-conspirator believed to have helped kill Fabio has not been found.

Monica Sementelli's attorney did not respond to calls seeking comment.

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