CicLAvia: The Visual History

Need a helpful overview of the mega bike roll? Here you go.

There are many things on the wane in this world.

Sitting? We're told to get up several times a day, if we work at a computer. Not keeping in touch? Nearly impossible, given the 197 instant ways to reach someone. Sugary foods? Well, that one's up for debate, but goodness knows a lot of us are working on it.

What isn't on the wane? CicLAvia. It's about the un-wane-iest thing around town at the moment, given that it keeps attracting more attention, more people, and more support. We speak, of course, of the mega, 150,000-person-strong, give or take, bike roll that comes to our closed city streets thrice a year.

Not all the streets are closed, of course, but some humongous ones are. Heard of Wilshire Boulevard? That shuttered last year, for six miles, from downtown to Miracle Mile, to welcome the riders and walkers of CicLAvia, and it is going to do so again.

In fact, we're now a month out from that mega roll -- it's on Sunday, April 6 -- and in anticipation of that, there's an easy, picture-filled, fact-laden visual history of the ride, which hasn't even been in Los Angeles for a full half-decade.

That's some mojo, boy. Attracting 150,000 people to your events after only arriving in town a few years back. Which is why we call the free, come-and-pedal biketacular the un-wane-iest happening in Southern California at the moment, or one of a handful of things on the up-and-up.

Need a primer on the event that's drawing so many? Or just want to relive your own rides? CicLAvia just released this look-back. It's a fun portrait of our neighbors, friends, and fellow Angelenos, owning the asphalt two pedals at a time.

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