Click With Brick Art at the California Science Center

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Art of the Brick
"The Art of the Brick" will open at the California Science Center on Feb. 28, 2020.
Art of the Brick
Guests at the exhibition can expect to see 100+ sculptures.
Art of the Brick
The artist behind these blocky and beautiful artworks is Nathan Sawaya.
Art of the Brick
You won't be required to count all of the bricks on view in the exhibit, but do turn this astounding number over in your head: Over a million bricks were used.
Art of the Brick
Original pieces, as well as tributes to famous paintings, are part of the collection.
Art of the Brick
This marvelous Moai stands at over 7 feet.
Art of the Brick
Look also for nine brick-building opportunities at the show, in "The Science of the Brick" area.
Art of the Brick
Tickets for "The Art of the Brick" are on sale now. An adult general admission? It's $19.75, though there are options to combine your visit with an IMAX screening, too. Review all of your entry choices, brickly, we mean quickly, at the California Science Center site.
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