Cosmic: 400+ Film Treasures to Land at a Mega Auction

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An original translucent prototype Xenomorph costume (known as "Big Chap") designed by the surrealist artist and sculptor H.R. Giger for Ridley Scott's Alien (Twentieth Century Fox, 1979). The low estimate is set at $40,000.
A pair of original, screenused 'scissorhand' wardrobe glove props, worn by actor Johnny Depp as the central character in the American horror, fantasy & romance cult classic motion picture Edward Scissorhands (Twentieth Century Fox, 1990) directed by film auteur Tim Burton. Custom made for and worn on screen by actor Johnny Depp in his memorable & beloved role as the misunderstood outcast Edward Scissorhands an unfinished, artificial humanoid created by the character known only as "The Inventor" (portrayed by actor Vincent Price in his final film role.) The low estimate is set at $30,000.
An original prototype costume created for Jim Carrey as The Riddler in the film Batman Forever (Warner Brothers, 1995). The inner collar bears the annotation "Jim Carrey #2" handwritten in ink. The low estimate is $20,000.
A Michael Hoban, North Beach Leather brand vest signed on the back in green marker, "Sylvester Stallone — Cliffhanger." The low estimate is $8,000.
An original costume (pants, tank-top, jacket, combat boots) film worn by Sigourney Weaver as the classic character Ripley from the Jean-Pierre Jeunet sci-fi film "Alien: Resurrection" Brandywine Productions, 1997). Note: The synthetic material of the pants is sticky and shedding due to age. The low estimate is $10,000.
An oversized wooden carnival-style hammer from the production of the Jim Carrey film "The Mask" (New Line Cinema, 1994) produced for the scene in which Carrey, as Stanley Ipkiss morphed into the his alter ego the Mask, smashes an annoying animated alarm clock that threatens to wake up his cantankerous landlady, Mrs. Peenman. The low estimate is $3,000.
An ornate 17th-century style ensemble film worn by Leonardo DiCaprio as King Louis XIV / Philippe in the Randall Wallace period film "The Man in the Iron Mask" (United Artists, 1998). The low estimate is $10,000.
An original pair of Nike brand Air Jordan 2 sneakers worn by Bill Murray in the Michael Jordan sports film "Space Jam" (Warner Brothers, 1996) during the scene where Murray joins the final basketball game and makes the crucial pass to Jordan for the game-winning shot. The low estimate is $5,000.
An original cast resin wand with steel core produced for Daniel Radcliffe as the iconic character Harry Potter in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." The low estimate starts at $8,000.
A cowl film-worn by Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle and Catwoman in the climatic final scenes of Tim Burton's "Batman Returns' (Warner Bros., 1992). The low estimate is $8,000.
An original Batman cowl made for and worn by George Clooney as Batman in "Batman & Robin" (Warner Bros., 1997). The iconic cowl is made of foam rubber and is marked "GC". The low estimate is $10,000.
A prototype FBI badge and credentials produced for Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling in the classic Jonathan Demme, Oscar-winning film "Silence of the Lambs" (Strong Heart/Demme Productions, 1991). The low estimate is $5,000.
An NYPD badge with photo ID credentials made for the character of John McClane, portrayed by Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" (20th Century Fox, 1988). The low estimate is $5,000.
An original foam latex costume suit produced for Ian Whyte as the lead Alien character “Scar” in the Paul W.S. Anderson-directed film "Alien vs. Predator"
(Twentieth Century Fox, 2004).
The Hollywood Legends & Luminaries and Hollywood Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy and More auction features props and costumes from "Alien," "Silence of the Lambs," and "The Mask," too. Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills is presenting the two-day extravaganza on April 28 and 29, 2021.
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