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Reitman Directs New Bev Cinema

The director is hand-picking films.



    Reitman Directs New Bev Cinema
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    Director Jason Reitman will be helming the New Bev's schedule over several days in February 2010.

    If you thought you were seeing Jason Reitman, the Oscar-nominated director for "Up in the Air," just about everywhere these days, you're about to see him in one more spot.

    Well, or at least his name on the marquee. The director is engaging that time-honored Los Angeles tradition of programming the New Beverly Cinema's schedule for a few days. We say "time-honored" because now a few people have taken the reins: Quentin Tarantino and Diablo Cody come to mind.

    Mr. Reitman's picks will include "Ferris Beuller's Day Off," "Election," and "Bottle Rocket," plus a handful of other wry flicks.

    The dates are February 19th through the 25th, with a few breaks for programs like the Grindhouse Film Festival. Will Mr. Reitman himself be stopping by to chat? Wish he would.