Strange Art Is Abloom at Descanso Gardens

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The largest of the exhibit's "snakeway" sculptures provides a pose-ready rainbow of happy hue. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
Bells ring, shimmer, and move, thanks to a rotating mechanism, inside the Sturt Haaga Gallery. Silver walls add a metallic glow. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
Descanso Gardens
Hundreds of fuzzy boas are a Technicolor tribute to the artist's mother. Find this fantastical walk-through experience at The Boddy House. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
Boas and a window make a striking tableau at The Boddy House. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
A pink-and-everything "snakeway" piece, seen on the path to The Boddy House and Sturt Haaga Gallery. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
Cables of many colors drape over the entrance gates to The Boddy House. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
"The Uncomfy Room" is an organic, soft-to-the-touch fantasia, a shaggy space rocking more shades of pink than a person typically encounters in one place. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
"Zeppelin Mass" asks viewers to ponder the current state, and future, of our home turf. Can you walk out onto the gravel under the suspended piece? Crunch, crunch, crunch: You can. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
Worms with inherent charisma have overtaken The Boddy House library. Could the shrink-wrapped books on the nearby shelves have something to do with this odd invasion? Messages and words appearing on some of the pieces of shrinkwrap may or may not further the tale. (photo: Alysia Gray Painter)
Artist Adam Schwerner's "Your (Un)natural Garden" adds a droll and deep whimsy to Descanso Gardens from April 16, 2022 through Jan. 8, 2023. Your admission to the gardens covers your exhibition entry, as well as the opportunity to see the eye-popping "snakeway" pieces gracing the path to The Boddy House. (photo: Descanso Gardens)
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