Leaf Peepers, It's Go Time Around Mammoth Lakes

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Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism
Hello, perfect hiking weather: Mammoth Lakes is assuming its golden robes as September 2021 concludes. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
Fall color is never on a strict rail, and knowing when the peak will be reached can be a bit of a guessing game each year. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
But if you're calling upon Mammoth Lakes around the end of September, you're probably in the zone. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
Oaks, cottonwoods, and aspens are three common (but uncommonly beautiful) arboreal icons of this area. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
In some years, snow has fallen as the leaves turned, but blue skies continue to reign in 2021. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
Are you waiting for the opening of skiing at Mammoth Mountain on Nov. 13? Fall will be wrapped up by then, in terms of leafy sights. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
Eager for tips on where to go to the north and south of Mammoth Lakes? The pros in the know have ideas. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
There's still plenty of fall color to admire in the area, with June Lake sometimes peaking around the second week of October. Check out the California Fall Color blog or the Mammoth Lakes site for more tips, hints, and "go now!" calls to action as the days to come unfold. (Courtesy of Mammoth Lakes Tourism)
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