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Heebonism Party at the Ace



    Ace Hotel
    The Heebonism Party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. The 2010 event is on Friday, Dec. 24.

    HEEBONISM HOLIDAY: Heeb Magazine celebrates everything cutting-edge and now in Jewish culture, comedy, arts, pop, and ideas -- in fact, there's a big happy photo of one Paul Reubens on the homepage at the moment, which makes us to do a happy, "Tequila"-esque dance -- and, like all cool publications, they want to throw a big holiday party, complete with all the frills. They're doing so on Friday, Dec. 24 at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, and the mag has invited a bevy of comedians and performers to make comedy and perform. And the Ace has a special two-night-minimum stay-over deal on, too; it starts at $139. You'll also get a bit of dough shaved off for usages of the spa, too, which is always helpful at the end of a stressful, or just-seemed-stressful, year. Party time!