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Lakers Nick Young Hints At Opting Out

Nick Young spent the Lakers' day off in San Antonio by announcing that he will most likely opt out of the final year of his contract with the Lakers.



    After winning in Utah and guaranteeing the Lakers will not be the worst team in the Western Conference on Monday night, Tuesday was an off day for the Lakers.

    In San Antonio for the season finale, the Lakers hopped around town and still managed to make some news. With the exception of Kent Bazemore (surgery), Xavier Henry (surgery) and Kobe Bryant (er, Kobe) every other Laker, injured or not, went along for the final road trip.

    This may be the worst season in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers, but future hall-of-famers Pau Gasol and Steve Nash were still committed to being a part of the experience until the final day of the season.

    Young, who scored 41 points in the win over Utah, was especially engaged. He went on ESPNLA 710am radio and said he was “pretty much” going to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Lakers. Young previously hinted that he deserved more money and that he was a better player than his salary indicated, but he had still not officially stated that he would bypass the guaranteed $1.3 million on his contract next season.

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    Young also took to social media to interact with fans on his day off with a flurry of tweets answering questions. In that streak, Young repeated that he does not want to leave LA, but he pointed to Chicago when a fan asked what other city he would like to play in.

    Apart from Young, Robert Sacre made his presence felt on the social media circuit visiting the world famous Paris Hatters. Sacre found a moment to pose with the owner before displaying his newest pair of cowboy boots. The Canadian, who also celebrates Mexican culture in LA, has seemingly assimilated into his American surroundings without a stutter.

    On Thursday, the Lakers will wrap up the season against the team with the best record in the NBA, and Chris Kaman and Steve Nash have both not yet been ruled out. For both of them, Wednesday could well be the last time they play with the Lakers.