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Sactown Sizzle: Bacon Fest

Foodies make for the capital to chow down on the star strip.



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    Is this one of the four food groups for you? Or your main food group? Be in Sacramento from Jan. 19 through 25.

    THE CRISPIEST CONSULTANT: Does anyone know if bacon lends out its services, for, like, a small fee or manageable commission? Because we're pretty sure that there are several foodstuffs that would like to sit down with the salty-strip superstar for an hour's consult. After all, bacon burst onto the pop culture scene over a half decade ago, turning up in trend pieces and memes and commercials and, you got it, milkshakes and other desserts. Prior to the aughts the breakfast item had been, well, a breakfast food item, only occasionally offering a surprise cameo in dinner dishes like spaghetti carbonara and the classic BLT. But the rise of social media has dovetailed with bacon's quirky rise -- coincidence? -- and its many tasty ways exalted. Festivals soon sprung up, or sizzled up, perhaps, with one of the bacon biggies landing in the capital, landing as soundly as a greased pan hits a hot stove. It's the Sacramento Bacon Fest, and it is up for its fourth year of meaty and mirthful bacon-focused festivities, festivities that take up the better part of a week. Check it: The dates are Monday, Jan. 19 through Sunday, Jan. 25.

    IN THE PAN... or on the calendar: An opener at Hook & Ladder'll get things going (formerly listed at Grange Restaurant) and the closer is at Mulvaney's Building and Loan. Also? Look for a "Kevin Bacon Soundtrack tribute show at Old Ironisides on the 23rd." And a chefly competition is a savory centerpiece to the week. So, is bacon your jam? Best get to the capital. And best figure out a way the edible can serve as an inspiration to other foodstuffs in need of a little, or big, rather, social media, food fandom boost.