Avoid summer tooth decay with these easy steps

The "Teeth Talk Girl" shares her healthy mouth hacks

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While summer weather doesn't directly affect your teeth, it is that time of year that many dental hygienists worry about their patients. If you have ever noticed your teeth and gums get more sensitive during the summer months, you’re not alone. Summer can throw your oral microbiome into chaos due to dehydration, over-whitening, and cold, sweet summer treats.  

Registered Dental Hygienist Whitney DiFoggio, also known on YouTube as “Teeth Talk Girl,” offers some tips to keep your mouth fresh and clean all year round. DiFoggio says the golden rule is to brush your teeth twice  a day, “dental hygiene is so much more than just a nice smile. Dental hygiene is really important because your mouth is directly related to the rest of your body. Your gum health can actually increase cancer risk, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease. A bunch of things start in your mouth.” And don’t forget to floss. “I recommend any type of flossing technique that works for you, if you don’t like traditional string floss, try a floss pick, try an interdental brush, try a water flosser. There are a lot of things. If you’re cleaning between your teeth, that’s what’s important,” DiFoggio says.

There a few hacks you can try to keep your mouth healthy on the go. DiFoggio recommends drinking water after consuming acidic drinks or food to remove debris from your teeth. She says sugar-free gum and cheese can also have the same effect. Sugar-free gum contains an ingredient called xylitol that can neutralize acid, and cheddar cheese can also neutralize your mouth. DiFoggio reminds us that a good rule of thumb is to always incorporate healthy foods into your diet like apples, carrots and celery.

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