‘The Crown' Introduces The People's Princess and The Iron Lady in Season 4

The storyline you’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

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“The Crown” has primarily focused on Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Coleman) and life at home with The Royals up until this point. But the focus shifts a bit in season 4 as the timeline reaches the late 1970s.  And with that comes the introduction of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin).

Picture shows: Priness Diana (EMMA CORRIN) and Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR)

During that time, Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) is still living the bachelor life and starts feeling pressure from his family to secure the line of succession. Then, he met Diana when she was just 16 years old. Prince Charles was dating her older sister Lady Sarah at the time but Diana clearly left a lasting impression. Several years later they met up again and the rest is history.

That history is explored in fiction as the brilliant writers of “The Crown” recreate moments between Charles and Diana that feel very real, even though there is no way to know for sure what was said between them in those intimate moments. One thing that is clear, is just how mismatched the pair are from the beginning. 

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Diana Princess of Wales (EMMA CORRIN). Filming Location: Military Hostel Front, Malaga

The series explores Charle’s relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles (Emerald Fennell) as he is torn between duty and desire. The costume, hair and make up departments should be commended, as well as the historical experts on the series, for recreating some of Diana’s iconic moments. Corrin bears a striking resemblance to Diana which is enhanced even further by the brilliant work of those departments.

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Margaret Thatcher (GILLIAN ANDERSON). Set: Elstree (backlot)

Another brilliant part of this season is in every word uttered by Gillian Anderson as Thatcher. From the second you see her, you’ll do a double take. Her mannerisms, voice, and physicality is so spot on.  

On paper, the Queen and Thatcher would appear to be easy allies. But history has shown, they were very different people with their own views on how the country should be run. The scenes between Coleman and Anderson are remarkable and one of the reasons this is the best season of “The Crown” yet.

Season 4 premieres Nov. 15 on Netflix. 

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