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Daytime TV Heads for the Smithsonian

The institution teams up with the TV Academy to preserve daytime artifacts.



    Daytime TV Heads for the Smithsonian
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    The Smithsonian is famous for preserving American pop culture treasures. Next up? Daytime television artifacts.

    If you've been to Washington D.C. chances are good you've been to the Smithsonian Institute. And if you've been to the Smithsonian Institute, chances are good you've been to the National Museum of American History. And if you've been to this particular museum, chances are good you've seen Archie Bunker's chair.

    We'll wager that a certain fictional curmudgeon's easy chair is one of the Smithsonian's most famous, and most oft-visited, treasures. But so many artifacts in the National Treasures of Popular Culture exhibit are famous: Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit and Fonzie's jacket and items from Broadway and sports.

    What do you remember seeing, though, of daytime television in the museum? That's a stickier wicket, but one the Smithsonian and NATAS -- the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, of course -- are looking to improve. The D.C. and North Hollywood organization announced a partnership last week with an eye toward saving the props, costumes, photos, awards, and more specifically tied to daytime television.

    The Daytime Emmy Awards will also get the spotlight.

    So, what will make a showing? Your favorite glittery gown from "The Young and the Restless?" A couch from a long-running talk show? Visitors will have to wait a bit to find out; the west wing of the museum is currently undergoing renovations. But when the new galleries do debut, bet they'll have some interesting props and outfits and furniture, many of which originated on soundstages around Southern California.

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