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Happy 60th, Corvette

The Petersen prepares to fete the dream machine with seminars and more.



    The Stingray name returned Sunday when Chevrolet unveiled the latest Corvette at the North American Auto Show. Mark Reuss, President GM North America, talks about what makes the Corvette important to the U.S. auto industry. Raw Video: Jeff Scharping (Published Monday, Jan. 14, 2013)

    We live in an age where branding meetings boast their own brands. Public perception and public acceptance and how the public feels about a particular name or product is constantly at the forefront of companies' collective minds.

    But when the Chevrolet Corvette first rolled off the General Motors line back in 1953, branding mania hadn't yet seized the business world in the way it has today. Certainly there were discussions and ad campaigns, but Chevrolet's sleek beauty of a dream machine built its reputation one driver at a time, and fairly quickly, too, zooming into the upper stratosphere of cool-car-dom.

    The Corvette turns 60 this year, as its birth year will attest, and our own Petersen Automotive Museum is doing it up with both a Corvette-dedicated exhibit and a two-day love-a-thon where Corvette owners will display their shiny pride-and-joys.

    The exhibit will roll -- well, proverbially -- from Wednesday, Feb. 27 through Sunday, March 31. The two-day Corvette extravaganza is set for Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2.

    What will vroom-vroom over the course of those 48 hours? Seminars, like the one on car worth in today's market, and panels, like the one looking at major figures in Corvette racing history.

    And up to 500 Corvettes will make for Wilshire and Fairfax on Saturday, March 2 for a full-day of serious showing-off. Want your car to be in consideration? You can, but you have to register early, since there's a space limit.

    We're just excited that staid, museum-sophisticated Miracle Mile is going to get a little zoom of the Corvette sort for a couple of days. Can you hear them, in your imagination? You totally have the sound of the Corvette imprinted somewhere in your memory, yes? That's kind of part of Americana.

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