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South Pas Art Crawl: Paintings, Vinyl, Clothes, Hobnobbing

Stroll by shops, galleries, and other funky spots in the leafy city.



    South Pas Art Crawl: Paintings, Vinyl, Clothes, Hobnobbing
    South Pasadena Art Crawl
    Art is all around -- and even in the name -- at the South Pasadena Art Crawl. It struts on Saturday, July 13 from 5 to 9 p.m.

    Locals call South Pasadena livable for a host of reasons. Ours, in no particular order? a) trees, trees, trees b) nice people c) pretty buildings d) nearly instantaneous access to Fosselman's Ice Cream. (We know, we know, Fosselman's is technically in Alhambra, but if you live in South Pasadena and tell us you never indulge at the historic parlor, well, we can't say we'll buy your story. At all.)

    But, almost above all, walkability is a major factor in the high quality of life around SoPas. It's easy to get around and, moreover, pleasant to get around, meaning that the occasional event that centers around people strolling is already a success before it has begun.

    The next one of that particular ilk is the South Pasadena Art Crawl, which is set to stroll on Saturday, July 13. There shall be art -- galleries like House of Honey and the Fremont Gallery will participate -- and there shall be shopping at spots like Duncan Taylor and South Pasadena Mercantile, which will feature BIGFOOT's pop-up record shop.

    (Aside: If you live in a South Pasadena craftsman, and you don't own a record player from 1968, with a solid stack of vinyl records in a nearby cupboard, we really, in our hearts, want you to reconsider that, and possibly correct it.)

    Call the Art Crawl a fine way to hobnob with your neighbors if you are a South Pasadenan and a creative way to see the best of the city (which has a lot of best parts, as illustrated in the first paragraph) in a matter of a few happy hours.

    Oh, and those hours? The crawl crawls from 5 to 9 p.m. Have your Fosselman's vanilla malt (mmmm) earlier in the day so you can save room for some savory SoPas bites during the evening.

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