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The Fizzy Future: Galco's New Soda Creation Station

Owner John Nese will unveil it during his annual Summer Soda Tasting.



    The Fizzy Future: Galco's New Soda Creation Station
    John Nese and his soda pop-packed shop Galco's are a beloved local staple. Coming soon to the Highland Park store? The Soda Creation Machine.

    The very first time you were handed a cup and put in front of a soda machine, whether down at the local diner or on a road trip or, yes, at World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, you likely had this thought: "Is it okay if I mix sodas?"

    Because that's not only a kid thought, it is a human impulse, to see how far you can push the soda scale, flavor-wise, until what is in your cup is a wholly original beverage,  never before seen (or tasted).

    Galco's, the soda pop wonderland of Highland Park, is up for the soda-mixing challenge, so much so that owner John Nese is introducing the Soda Creation Station in July.

    What is the Soda Creation Station? It isn't just a machine that allows you to put several flavors of pop in your cup. You can do that, yes, but you'll be able to control carbonation and fizz, and you can cap and label your 12-ounce bottle, too. This is definitely the unique bit, the capping and labeling part, because, hello, gift time. Is that what you're thinking? Making someone a special individual soda, maybe even named after them?

    Quirky x 100.

    The Galco's Soda Creation Station makes its debut at the third annual Summer Soda Tasting event on Sunday, July 28. Your twelve-buck ticket supports the Southwest Museum, which just a short scoot away from the York Boulevard soda-a-terium.

    Buy this one in advance because a) the Summer Soda Tasting is way popular -- yeah, "way" -- and b) people who are on the fence about going may want to check out the soda-mixing machine of the future. That thing'll be popping, for sure, but don't fret -- it is staying in Galco's as a permanent fizz-producing fixture.

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