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Tiny Taco Bloody Mary Garnish at Casa Vega

Order a Bloody Mary or Michelada on National Taco Day and munch upon the wee and savory drink toppers.



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    Casa Vega
    Order a Bloody Mary or Michelada on Wednesday, Oct. 4, then munch upon the unusual drink toppers.

    What makes a truly traditional Bloody Mary garnish?

    It depends upon the person holding the tomato-tart, horseradish-spicy sip, of course, and their take on the tasty matter. Some people swear by a straightforward stalk of celery, others prefer a couple of plump olives, and, for some Bloody buffs, only a simple slice of lemon will do.

    But the garnish game has stepped up, in the competitive world of Bloody Mary-making, and it isn't all the unusual to now find a strip of crispy bacon or even a lobster claw atop your brunch-ready libation.

    Casa Vega, the vintage Mexican food eatery at Ventura Boulevard and Fulton Avenue, is taking the Bloody Mary garnish universe to a fresh, savory, and why-hasn't-this-happened-before level on Wednesday, Oct. 4, for one day only.

    That's National Taco Day, as you well know, and if your next question is "will there be a pair of tiny tacos atop my Bloody Mary on that day, should I visit the historic restaurant?" the answer is, as you are currently hoping and wishing for, affirmative. 

    Christy Vega, the second-generation owner of the 61-year-old neon-sign'd landmark, is behind this whimsical, munchable creation.

    And if Bloody Marys aren't your thing, but Micheladas are, take happy heart: You can get a tiny taco garnish atop your spicy beer drink, too.

    The cost is $15 per drink, and, yep, that includes the wee snacks atop your drink, too.

    If you can't make the Oct. 4 event, and, do note, this will only happen on the fourth day of October, be not blue: Casa Vega will host a $1 taco promotion on Monday, Oct. 9.

    That'll continue on every October Monday through the remainder of the month. So tacos, Mondays, and money-saving deals could be your thing for most of the tenth month of the year.

    But on Oct. 4? It's all about small tacos, on a pick, floating above the rim of your Bloody Mary or Michelada glass.

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