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Up Your Vintage Glam

Some 65 vendors head for Pickwick Gardens to sell clothes and textiles.



    Up Your Vintage Glam
    Old-style Hollywood? Find inspiration at the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show. It's happening at Pickwick Gardens on Sunday, March 31.

    When's the last time you received a clothing-based compliment from someone you didn't know?

    We'll bet it had to do with either a particular item you wore -- a scarf or hat or tie -- or the overall look of the entire ensemble. Sartorial details, when not applied too liberally, have a way of turning around bought-on-a-budget outfits.

    Those details only need to be funky, eye-catching, historical, or all of the above. And you can find them at some of our bigger, three-times-a-year vintage shows like the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica and the Vintage Clothing and Textile Show at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank.

    Both welcome a multitude of vendors who purvey in everything from jewelry to shoes to hats, all the small things that can make a contemporary outfit a bit quirkier. And, yep, clothing too, in case you're looking for the whole outfit, top to bottom.

    The next Vintage Clothing and Textile Show is set to roll on Sunday, March 31. Some 65 vendors are due at Pickwick Gardens and on the tables they set up? Treasures and funky odds and ends and ephemera and all of the above.

    So, what's the secret of longevity? Well, quality, of course, and a desire to look a bit different than everyone else. But the vendors at these shows have great products and many are of the "buy them now or never find them again" variety. Such is the nature of vintage.

    A ticket is $7. So, what do you need? A bolo tie? A disco-era belt? Both? You know you'll get a compliment if you go strutting on Ventura Boulevard or through the Americana rocking both.

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