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White Russian Up, SoCal: It's Lebowski Fest

Fans of the Coen brothers' favorite will commune, bowl.



    White Russian Up, SoCal: It's Lebowski Fest
    Lebowski Fest
    Like, it's Lebowski Fest. Robe up for the April 25 and 26 movie meet-up.

    Where are you most likely to see a gaggle of be-robed people, in public, rocking the comfy cozy robe look?

    A spa is a good guess, yes. Maybe a pajama party scavenger hunt. And, finally, you got it, Lebowski Fest, where fans gussy up like a certain Dude, a gentleman who prefers a certain comfortable mode of dress while fending off baddies and attempting to get his rug back.

    The fest is ready to roll again on Friday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26, and, yep, "roll" back there was typed with a heavy wink. "The Big Lebowski," the 1998 cool-jones'd Coen Bros. caper starring Jeff Bridges, was very much about bowling, both literally and metaphorically. Perhaps allegorically, too. True?

    Discuss, Lebowski fans.

    The pin-dropping goes down at Fountain Bowl on Saturday, April 26. Will actors from the film show? They often do. Will people be in costume? Yes. Will White Russians be sipped? The possibility is great.

    But the star event is on April 25: There's a party followed by a Wiltern screening of the film and Jeff Bridges himself is due to swing by. Yep, it's sold out, so we hope you have that hot little ticket in hand. The Dude was sometimes a little casual about getting around to the things he had to do in life -- you know, man, like, he isn't a guy for the rush-rush -- but when Lebowski Fest heads into town, fans need to act.

    Whether you bowl or movie it up, don those Viking horns or loose Dudely sweater and commune with your scene-quoting cohorts.