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You, a Saturday, and Lots of Fancy-Pants Chocolates

The Los Angeles Chocolate Salon brings together top candy-makers (and their candies, too).



    You, a Saturday, and Lots of Fancy-Pants Chocolates
    How many posh chocolates can you snack upon over the course of a single Saturday? Find out on Sept. 27 in Pasadena.

    We may never arrive at that moment in life where we get to break through a ribbon and run towards a sweets factory, with permission to devour anything we like, but there are appropriate substitutes for this daydream in the sensible, let's-be-proper World o' Adulthood.

    One of the daydreams-made-real biggies arrives on Saturday, Sept. 27, not with bells on, but rather wearing a coating of sea salt and caramel drizzle and marshmallow speckles. It's the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, and it again takes over The Pasadena Center.

    Who'll be there? Chocolatiers of the highest order. Mignon Chocolate Boutique, Amano Artisan Chocolate, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts will be lining up the small squares/ovals/mounds of cocoa-infused goodness, in addition to makers of top-notch candies. Demos, a talk on chocolate and healthy eating, and tastings rule the day.

    Past year offerings have included chocolates made with mango, red chile, and lime, as well as spiced pumpkin chocolates rocking the burnt caramel.

    Mmm, burnt caramel, a fall flavor if there ever was one. (Sorry, pumpkin lattes.)

    The day is presented by Taste TV and the tickets? They're $25 when you arrive at The Pasadena Center. And, nope, you won't dash through a ribbon into the chocolate-flavored wonderland, as strolling and chatting is the order of the foodie-focused day. But you can, in your mind, dash through all the ribbons you like, of course.

    One last thought: That would be a most excellent job title to list on a resume, as "chocolatier," as it sounds both tasty and a little swashbuckling, too.

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