Speeding BMW Pursuit Driver Taken Into Custody in Whittier After Multiple Crashes in Chaotic Pursuit

LAPD officers began pursuing the driver of a white BMW sedan after a report of a stolen car.

Officers pursued the driver of a damaged BMW who crashed into at least one car while speeding on streets Thursday afternoon near downtown Los Angeles.

The chase began after a report of a stolen car.

The driver, traveling at high speeds on streets, fish-tailed and slammed into at least one car at an intersection in the Exposition Park area. The driver continued with a rear panel dangling from the sedan.

Officers pulled off the chase, entering a tracking mode, after the driver blew through several red lights.

The driver crashed into a parked car while turning around on a dead end street on 64th Street in the Florence area, before taking off again.

The car was in the Lynwood area at about 12:30 p.m.

A good Samaritan is being praised for his kind-hearted act of anonymously returning a Florida woman's lost wallet.

The driver then took several freeways in the Downey and Santa Fe Springs area, hitting speeds as fast as 116 mph.

The driver continued speeding down Whittier streets, barely missing oblivious drivers on the road.

The driver was ultimately taken into custody outside a Green Dollar store on Greenleaf Avenue in Whittier.

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