A Desert Birthday: Happy 80th, Elvis

It's a hunka hunka hullabaloo at The King's Honeymoon Hideaway.

80 YEARS OF KINGLY COOL: What was music and style and fan worship and kitsch and utter cool like before Elvis Presley arrived on the sound and cinema scene, with his hips in full shake mode and his 'do fully pompadoured? We have to guess that the world was a little less razzmatazz-y, a little lacking in bravado, and a lot more in need of a man who could croon, smile, and honey-voice his way into a million hearts. Thank goodness one Elvis Aaron Presley debuted in 1935, bringing his song and gentlemanly swagger to stages and screens around the world. And while The King left the building too early for those million hearts -- make that millions and millions -- fans still remember him on his birthday each year, which is Jan. 8. That's what loyal devotees will do again, around the planet, but there's a special party planned for the Saturday following the anniversary of Mr. Presley's birth, and it just happens to be at his house. Nope, not his Memphis digs, but the California abode where he and Priscilla spent the days following their honeymoon back in May of 1967. The bash'll rage at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway, in Palm Springs, where Elvis tribute artist Chance Tinder will sing in honor of 80 years of Elvisian magic.

SATURDAY, JAN. 10... is the date, and there's a bevy of guests scheduled to appear, from Jamie Nudie of Nudie's of Hollywood -- oh yes, the outfitters behind some of The King's most iconic clothing -- to Glen Glenn, who served as The King's Chief of Security once upon a time. Cake and house tours are part of the stylish '60s-era doings, so be sure to dress in your beehive-y, bell-bottom-y best (or, truly, come as you are, if coming as you are means you'll be able to relax and enjoy to scene more comfortably). Elvis was a great host, it was said, so a relaxed and easygoing 80th birthday party, at his house, will follow that form. What tickets, "Love Me Tender"-loving peeps? Blow a kiss this way.

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