All Your Favorite Bands, Ish

Tributefest rounds up a bunch of bands saluting other bands.

Queen Nation

The Beatles.

Right? The Beatles.

Is that your answer? To that age-old question "which band do you wish you could have seen live?" It seems to be the go-to response for a lot of people, which is a-ok. (We're definitely on board with the lads, but we'll vote Electric Light Orchestra, to mix it up.)

Everyone seems to have an answer to this question, which is one reason that the tribute band is so important to our entertainment-craving, music-loving spirits. Nope, we'll never see the Beatles live, but seeing a really solid Beatles-esque band is very much a happy possibility.

If you love your tributes, as you should, we bet you'll be in Santa Clarita on Saturday, May 12, hair feathered just right and plastic cup held high. It's Tributefest time again, meaning you're on board for an awesome 11 hours of straight-up old-school rocking-out by a bevy of bands.

Elton John will receive the love, as will U2, and Queen, and Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash (the band Petty Cash salutes both gentleman), and, yep, the Fab Four. General admission is $40, and there will be beverage- and food-buying options. It is an 11-hour fest, after all.

And this isn't to imply, of course, that a band needs to have broken up for it to merit its own tribute-nice followings. Au contraire; some of the hardest working tribute bands are currently saluting groups still on tour. Hey -- should a tribute band maybe go on tour with the band it is covering? Mind blown? Too meta? There could be something there. Concert promoters, feel free to work with that as you will. We'd buy a ticket.

Above all, support your favorite band's tribute band. Maybe the tribute band'll become your #1 soon enough? Because they do rock hot.

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