Panning for $5 grub Gold: Jasmine Market, Culver City

Front facade

Jasmine is the .5 of the 2.5 Burmese restaurants in all of LA.

Why only .5? Cuz they only have 5 Burmese dishes. I remember reading about this joint last year, but promptly dismissed it due to: again, only 5 Burmese dishes, and: it’s wayy the eff far in Culver City. Alas, a year after Mr. Gold’s article in LA Weekly came out, a certain West Side cheap food go-to guy ** WAVE to Wilbur** reminded me of its existence.

Tho I perused several Chowhound page, I ended up with all Indian dishes as they were out of the mohinga - fish noodle soup - so we ended up w/ a mild chicken tikka and a bow of lamb curry. The chicken tikka was served like a plate lunch, w/ a side of alu gobi cauliflower & veggies. The lamb curry came w/ naan and rice. Both curries were on the brothy, thin side. Lamb curry was ordered spicy, but ended up with medium punch. Medium is good. My toilet appreciates medium. Alu gobi was also thinner than usual just like the curries, but it was just enough to tease the palate and compliment the chicken tikka.

Total Damage: $16 for 2. No tip. Btw, don’t get Vimto soft drink… They didn’t have Thums Up nor Limca so I was recommended Vimto. *HURL*. Tastes like Robitussin. But wait, that Category tag cleary shows “Under $10″ and bloggers should not lie!

khao soi

Above is a bowl of $3.49 of khao soi. What in Sam’s name is khao soi? Let’s just say prior to the current ramen craze, there was a man on a quest for the best bowl khao soi in all of the US of A. You don’t have to be that eruditious, but know for $3.49, you will receive a very hearty bowl of: Chinese wheat noodle, in coconut chicken soup with red onion, eggs, fried split bean, fish sauce, fish sauce, chili and spices. Never mind they double up on the fish sauce. Never mind this supposed Burmese place is identified a “Thai” dish “Chinese”. Never mind the operators look straight up Indian. Never mind the menu description of the noodle razes any hope of a culinary mystery & surprise. For $3.78, tax inclusive, it’s the most interesting bowl of noodle soup on the West Side. You might not be stuffed to the gills, but you will, and I guarantee this, walk out with a smile.

Jasmine Market
4135 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 313-3767

-via SinoSoul

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