Anime Days in LA

The festival returns to downtown; big guests are expected.

2008 SPJA/Anime Expo

Never would we accuse Comic-Con International of stealing anyone's thunder.

And if we did, we half-think Comic-Con might blush with pleasure, because if Comic-Con had a costume, it probably would be a big Thor-like get-up, complete with powerful accouterments like thunderbolts.

Ah-hem. Back to reality. Comic-Con certainly doesn't steal thunder, and the Anime Expo, which traditionally happens in early July in Los Angeles, has plenty of thunder to spare.

Here's what we're talking about: Major guests in the manga and anime universes, including actor Kyle Hebert and Tomohiko Ishii, who worked on "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle." Plus game-playing and scavenger hunts. Booth after booth after booth of merch. Modeling and dancing and karaoking. And four days of it, too. July 1-4, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The best part of having the Anime Expo and Comic-Con -- which takes place in San Diego at the end of July -- happen in the same month in the same area of the country is that they can both happen in the same month in the same area of the country.

Southern California, you and your cultural riches! We'll never stop being all agog.

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