“Annie Hall” Opens Free Old Pas Film Fest

Classics watched outdoors, no admission required.

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If ever we had to pick the most Manhattan-y place in LA, well. That's tough. Tough like finding-a-cab-in-Herald-Square-on-Thanksgiving tough.

Downtown seems a solid first choice, seeing as how it doubles for New York City in so many movies and television shows. But we might have to go with Pasadena on this one.

And we're not just saying this because Old Pasadena is screening "Annie Hall," the New-Yorkiest-of-New-York flicks, on Thursday, July 8, for free, as part of the Old Pasadena Film Festival.

Consider that Pasadena grew in part due to prominent East-Coast-ers using it as a vacation/resort destination way back when. That Vroman's Bookstore has been selling books since the 19th century. That Old Town is full of alleys and nooks, much like the Village.

One of those atmospheric alleys -- Hugus Alley, to be specific -- will be the kick-off venue for the Old Pasadena Film Festival, and the perfect spot for the screening of "Annie Hall." We giggle at the LA jibes in the flick, but would Alvy Singer have made them if he hung out at Vroman's during his West Coast trip? A different movie.

The Old Pasadena Film Festival runs from July 8-31, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. All movies are free.

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