Apple Days Are Ahead, Autumnists

Summer's heat is on, but Oak Glen will soon jump into fall's pie-ful pleasures.

WHEN IT IS HOT OUT, as in don't touch anything that's metal hot, as in find the nearest ice tray and hug it hot, as in "the thermometer says what?!" hot, a person may be forgiven for doing a bit of daydreaming. Maybe they're picturing a glacier, or a polar bear, or a walk-in refrigerator, or some combination of all three. But daydreaming about devouring a steaming apple pie, or warm-to-the-touch cider doughnuts, probably does not score high on the warm-weather fantasy scale. Unless, of course, you are an autumn person, through and through, and the heat wave you're weathering happens in August, just about the time you can aaaaalmost spy fall on the horizon. You want to be wearing a cardigan and chowing down on some sort of apple-packed turnover and thinking about fall foliage and wreaths. If this is what you ponder during a heat wave — sorry glaciers and walk-in refrigerators — then get excited, for Oak Glen's Apple Season is on juicy, tangy approach.

SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER... are the traditional months for the Yucaipa-close burg's autumn-tinged to-do, a to-do that is all about pies, and craft booths, and U-Pick Apples, and U-Press Apples, and the sipping of cider, and aforementioned doughnuts (find 'em at Snow-Line Orchard). You can get the full rundown on local eateries and what they serve here, and decide if you want to make your day trip about apple butter, or apple baked goods, or apple art, or all of the above. Do keep an eye on the main Oak Glen site for U-Pick info, as you'll want to arrive at a prime time for visiting the orchards. Can you make it through this heat, autumnists? Hang tight — your pie-perfect, cardigan-rocking days are just ahead.

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