Bacon, Brews, and San Diego

It's a soiree with sizzle.

THE SUDS-STRIP CONNECTION: There are smart scholars out there who regularly study how certain foodstuffs became prominent and when and why. Maybe a rather expensive edible became all the rage in a booming city during a booming time, or perhaps more fresh foods rose to prominence during a back-to-the-land-ian period in our country's growth. It's interesting to read and ponder, for sure, but we're hoping that some meal-probing intellectual out there is considering why *two* fortifying or eat-ready or drink-ready products rise together, in a single place, during a single moment. Our first guess is that the two distinct dining choices complement each other in some way -- we know, not a stretch -- but it grows more curious when they're not too much alike.

OR ARE THEY? We'll let buffs of both beer and bacon duke this one out. For both craft brew and a particular breakfast meat have caught the fancy of San Diego in recent years, so much so that the city is hailed as a destination for suds lovers. And will it soon wear that designation for baconists, too? There are a number of bacon-oriented happenings around the city, including the flavorful competition that just unfurled at Del Mar earlier in the summer. But one of the biggest? Why it's the Hormel Black Label Bacon Fest, and it is salty-gratifying-up Preble Field -- NTC Park at Liberty Station in San Diego on Saturday, Aug. 30.

THE BACON GETS BIG: "Over 20 eateries serving food with the greatest meat of all time" will be out in flavor-rich force, including Sublime Tavern and The Promiscuous Fork. Crafty foamy brews'll be part of the bacon-y scene, too, further proving that two of the city's culinary trends do often combine to make one food-forward front. General admission? Sixty bucks. When the whole beer-and-bacon vibe'll settle and fade into the background? Not any time soon. This is a powerhouse pairing, so get studying, smartie scholars of Food U.

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