BottleRock Napa Valley: Food + Wine Line-Up

The Memorial Day Weekend music festival puts the emphasis on fab edibles.

PINNING OUR HOPES: There are always a few wishes in our hearts before we make for a major, multi-day music festival. We hope that we can find lodging nearby, and it won't be too spendy. We hope that our favorite band, the one we're really looking forward to seeing, plays the group's best deep cut. And we want the vittles served to be flavorful and energy-giving, both (the energy end of the equation is necessary for those long hours spent rocking out in the crowd). But finding out what a concert venue is doing, cuisine-wise, can be an exercise in foodie frustration. Will there be bags of chips sold, at least? A few hot dogs? These aren't questions that BottleRock Napa Valley buffs need to ponder, however. The Memorial Day Weekend music festival, wine country's biggest, is as focused upon what's on the plates as who is on the stage. It's described as a tune to-do first -- as it should be, with Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, and Red Hot Chili Peppers signed on for 2016 -- but it could nearly be deemed a dining experience with a mondo music component, too. In short, it is a whole lot of both, and if you want to eye what you'll be eating, or at least the top-notch regional restaurants that have joined up, you can: The full line-up was revealed on Friday, Feb. 19.

BOUNTY HUNTER, COLE'S CHOP HOUSE, Drewski's, Napa Palisades Saloon, Eight Noodle Shop, Heritage Eats, and Goose & Gander are just a few of the many food houses set to show up at the Napa extravaganza on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Wineries like Silver Oak Cellars and Cakebread will be BottleRocking, too, as will brewers like Lagunitas and Blue Moon. Whether you show up at the three-dayer to see some scintillating sounds -- er, hear them, too -- or you love to go for the dining options, good stuff awaits. But it remains to be seen whether your favorite band will play your obsessed-over deep cut during their set. Here's hoping you get in every song you want to experience live.

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