Carrie Fisher, Without the Big Head Buns

In her first memoir -- hard to believe, really, but it is true -- author and actress Carrie Fisher dishes on what one might call an extraordinarily colorful life packed with fan boys, electroshock therapy, Paul Simon, alcohol and memories of a Beverly Hills upbringing. She's at Book Soup on Tuesday, December 16 to sign "Wishful Drinking" (that right there should reveal much of what the book is about), but, it should be noted, and tellingly, that no memorabilia will be signed, or so says Book Soup.

Why does this interest us so? Because of a little series Fisher did back in the day called "Star Wars," and how much, for better or worse (we're Han Solo fans ourselves, so we'll vote better), being associated with that mythic, once-in-a-century pop-cultural phenom might impact a life, well, forever. Even as she signs her books, and wants to put the spotlight on her books, movie buffs can be expected to show up with light sabers and Ewok costumes and the like.

Would we like to be associated with such a huge, huge, huge project, even if it meant being tied to it for the rest of our lives? Sure. Would we possibly find it challenging to tell the rest of our life story around that huge, huge, huge project? Sure. Are we fascinated by Carrie Fisher and the zany, tragic, and infinitely interesting adventures she's had? Most definitely.

Carrie Fisher signs "Wishful Drinking" at Book Soup
Tuesday, December 16, 7PM
Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

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