Celebs Play Matchmaker to the Rest of Us

The Fix-Up Show pairs up looking-for-lovers, with stars' help.

From the "some things just write themselves" files comes word of the Wednesday, Nov. 3 debut of "The Fix-Up Show."

If you think, from the title, that it involves fixing people up, with love and romance in mind, you'd be correct. If you think that our city's willingness to put people on stage with matchmaking in mind stretches back several decades, you'd of course be correct. And if you're wondering if a weekly celebrity will be involved in the mischievous matchmakery, well. Ding ding ding.

Take heart, potential matchmakees; two people who know you will join the celebrity in question on the quest to find you love. Funny person J. Keith van Straatten is the host of the NYC fave, and stars at those shows included Dick Cavett and Eve Plumb. (If you're a fan of "The Brady Bunch," note that Susan Olsen will be the special celebrity on Dec. 1.)

Walter Koenig -- Chekov himself! -- will be on the stage and helping the lovelorn, or merely looking, on Nov. 3. This is all going down at ACME, and tickets are $15 each. If Mr. Koenig happens to help you find true love, wouldn't you totally have to do a "Star Trek"-themed wedding? Not even a question, really.

"The Fix-Up Show" will run six times only through Dec. 15, 2010.

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