Changes at The MUST

First off, The MUST has a new chef Eric Schmidt from Northern California who will continue health-conscious options such as 'not yo' mama's fish sticks' made with salmon and 'East meets West ' sloppy Joe's with ground sirloin. Starting next Monday, April 26th from 8-11pm you can play ‘Name that tune Monday.’  Get a group of your friends together and win points for naming the artist and year released of the song from 50’s to 80’s; hip hop or indie rock. After 3 rounds with 8-10 songs spun by a DJ, you might be feeling no pain (we assume you'll be turning this into a drinking game.) The winner of each round will win a pitcher of beer or an appetizer. Mmm, tough decision. No cheating, so turn off the berry or iPhones. You’ll have so much fun, that you will return on Tuesday night for Cheesy Tuesday and a ‘grilled Cheese flight’ with three big wedges of grilled brioche stuffed with different combos of fromage paired with unique wines and beers.

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