Couples Romantic Cooking Party

One thing that bemuses us -- and we aren't often bemused -- are all the couple-y things to do around Valentine's Day. That's sweet, but we really need couple-y things to do is *every other* time of the year, especially around the fall when the days are short and stress is long (what with the coming holidays and all). Spread out the love, if you will.

Chef Eric keeps the romance -- and stoves -- simmering with his Couples Romantic Cooking Party, which happens throughout the year, not just February. Lovebirds sign up at Chef Eric Jacques Crowley's Culinary Classroom, arrive for a bit of cheese snackage, tie an apron snugly on their special friend (and vice versa) and voila! People are making food.

The cooking class on November 15 has a major menu: Szechwan-style Pork Loin, striped bass, chocolate mousse and other, we've-never-thought-we-could-even-make-that specialties. Couples are asked to bring a bottle of vino to split after the lesson wraps (goodness, not before, people, please); at that time everyone shall savor their kitchen creations. We say gloat it up.  And hopefully, while the wine is being sipped, a plot to replicate the meal at home, or at least order fewer take-out pizzas, will be hatched.

Hey, and no offense, February. We like you, we really do, with your brisk temps and paper hearts. Just watch about hogging all the kissy-kissy.

Saturday, November 15, 7-10PM
Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom, 2366 Pelham Avenue, Los Angeles

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