Westfield Culver City

Update your maps everyone. The former Westfield Fox Hills Shopping Mall has been redubbed Westfield Culver City. Gone are the memories of gangland gun fights and teenagers with itchy trigger fingers, now get ready to shop. Progress on the mall upgrades continue with an opening date of October 9 currently scheduled. The new wing of the mall will get the Westfield steel and glass treatment, which is a bit jarring when you see it attached to the hulking red-brick Macy's.

While several (ok, more than four) of the mall's new tenant spaces appear to be lacking tenants, others will be filled by a 156,000 square foot Target, Best Buy, Forever 21 and H&M. Sadly, we didn't see a Zara store anywhere in the mix. The addition to the mall will also bring in a Gold's Gym and BJ's Restaurant. The food court will also be renovated with the standard fare that one usually finds in a Westfield mall - Korean noodle place, sushi bar, Chinese food, random sandwich place, etc. The $180 million* expansion and improvements will pay for new carpeting, tiles and glass railing throughout the rest of the mall. *Please note that back in 2007 when we first reported on this project, the price tag was a paltry $75 million. Damn!

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