Don Your Spandex and Pop a Wheelie

We're feeling pretty chuffed that this is the second time, in just a matter of weeks, that we're talking about Jackie Earle Haley. The former child star, and current grown-up star, is in "Breaking Away," a film that gets the "seminal" label when it comes to bicycles and dudely friendships and athletic competitions and Dennis Quaid's hair looking especially wavy and nice.

We're also feeling pretty chuffed that "Breaking Away" is screening, for free, at the Hammer, as a treat for bike enthusiasts and Jackie fans and people who like Quaidian, late '70s hairstyles. Since we fit into all those categories, we're thinking of cycling to the museum which is, in fact, devoting an entire night to all things bike-y.

The screening of "Breaking Away" is the capper of a party which includes a cash bar and vege bites, tunes, and complimentary valet for bicycles. In a city where cars are the norm, and valeting said cars is also the norm, we can honestly say we've never seen a bicycle hand-off, and we're hoping it might be the start of a trend.

Whether you wear your spandex or a tank, or decide to go a little dressier -- this is a museum soiree, after all -- is up to you. Safety first and all that. Not that we wouldn't absolutely love to see someone in a tux pedal up.

Bike Night at the Hammer
Thursday, April 16th, 7-11PM
Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles (note that the bike valet service is at the Lindbrook door)

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