Eyes Advertise “Twilight” DVD in the UK

When you live in Los Angeles, home to ads that are famously the size of a small skyscraper, a very, very tiny ad shouldn't catch the eye. And catch the eye we do mean, too: Notcot reports that E1 Entertainment in Britain has created a contact lens promoting the release of "Twilight" on DVD & Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom. Models are donning the wee, golden-hued circles and strutting about, making eye contact with potential Edward-and-Bella fans. Creepy. In the best sense.

Why are we transfixed by these "eye-verts"? Well, maybe we've been living under a rock, but we've yet to see a contact lens with writing. We've seen the Marilyn Mansons, the tiger eyes, the whited-out ghosty looks, which are all fairly striking, but something about words on an eye feels deeply unsettling. And that works here, because "Twilight" is a movie about vampires (just in case you too have been living under a rock, and if so, welcome to the neighborhood!).

Vampires with golden eyes, we might add. And we're wondering what is next on the advertising frontier. Probably holograms promoting a new movie containing holograms. Yes, definitely holograms will be up next. Talking holograms.

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