Fast Cars at 4 A.M.

Watch the Monaco Grand Prix over fancy pancakes.

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It's sometimes said that while New York City is a late night kind of town, LA is the exact opposite, what with all of those pre-dawn call times on all of our movie sets.

Now the early morning crowd will get to put that theory to the test on Sunday, May 27 at Shutters at the Beach. There's a party starting at 4 a.m. -- that's 4 a.m. in the morning, or middle of the night if you prefer -- in honor of the Monaco Grand Prix. But the party is not merely in honor, really; you'll be joining a live viewing of the famous Formula 1 event.

Have you ever seen a party start at that time? Maybe you've seen midnight. Maybe 8 a.m. But probably never 4 a.m., which is the official time most everyone is in their skivvies, lights out (for those of you up and working, thank you).

But you wouldn't just want to yawn your way into the Coast Beach Café and Bar at Shutters and sit there sleepily watching what is just about the world's most legendary race. You'll need sustenance and Shutters is at the ready.

Champagne will flow -- mais oui -- and the food is of the lemon ricotta pancake/eggs benedict variety. We'd say both dishes have a certain je ne sais quoi, just to keep up the theme, but they go beyond merely possessing "that certain something" -- they're yummy.

Cost is $55, but if you can't do a glass of something spirited that early, you can go benedicts and pancakes and race for $44.

(An update from Shutters says they have just removed bubbly from the menu; so your price is $44, though no Champagne. Best go with caffeine that early, anyway.)

Oh, and something extra: You also get a Shutters baseball cap. Do not be tempted to pull it over your eyes for a little snooze. Eyes on the television.

So. Will we ever see another party with a 4 a.m. start time? We do hope; 4 a.m. probably needs some more love. And will we ever get to Monaco to see the celebrated street race in person? Le dreams.

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