Flights of Fancy with Neil Gaiman

The author is at Royce Hall. Topic: imagination

This is not about Neil Gaiman.

This is about our city's amazing library system, and the book reservation process, and how snappy the system is when it comes to delivering a book you want. Three days, two days, bam! It's at your local branch.

Thank you, LAPL, for all that you do. Now, how about an iPhone app? Just a thought. Would use it hourly.

No, this is not about Neil Gaiman, but it is about a Neil Gaiman book. We say this with all respect to the library, to Mr. Gaiman, to his many other fans: Gaiman books can take awhile, in the book-reserving process, and for good reason: a lot of people want to read him.

We're thinking a lot of those a lot of people will be at Royce Hall on Thursday, February 4th, where the author will be talking stories and imagination and tapping into ideas.

You liked "Coraline" (he wrote the book). You mooned over "Stardust" (ditto). You like outlandish chanteuse Amanda Palmer, and just learned on Neil Gaiman's blog a few weeks back that they're wedlocking.

Will Ms. Palmer take the Royce stage? Will the author read from "The Graveyard Book" (which we'll just go purchase)? Will the evening be all supernatural and sparkly? Hoping all three.

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