Foam on the Rise: San Diego Beer Week

"More than 20,000 beer enthusiasts" make for craft brewing's #1 kingdom.

EVERY WEEK IS BEER WEEK: If you were to ask any smart sudsian who calls greater San Diego home when the big Beer Week occurs, they might be wont to smile, spread their arms wide, and proclaim "why every week is beer week around San Diego!" (Complete with enthusiastic exclamation point, of course.) And they'd have a point, in a way, since the city has been reigning atop various brew blogs' lists as the Top Beer City in America, or some other re-arrangements of those particular words. Yes, San Francisco comes close, as do our West Coast siblings Portland and Seattle, but San Diego's proliferating bespoke-y brewhouses and craft masters are setting the pace in the ale-and-lager race. So while you can indeed find a really solid craft beer any day of the year in the city, making it always sort of Beer-Week-y there, you'll want to be in San Diego from Friday, Nov. 7 through Sunday, Nov. 16 for the actual and official and on all the posters San Diego Beer Week, when the events and sips and sightings flower high like foam on an extra burp-worthy beer.

20,000+ BEER AFICIONADOS... roam the city during the week-plus happening, heading for places like SD Brewers Guild Festival, on Saturday, Nov. 8, which'll be well-food-truck'd, live-band'd-out, or the Beer Garden at The Lodge at Torrey Pines at the fest's closing day. (Yep, you'll be on that easy-on-the-eyes-and-soul Arroyo Terrace as you taste those sublime suds.) And is there a full-on map of the city's restaurant, pubs, brew hot spots, and festival locations? We wouldn't have typed "full-on" there if it wasn't FULL. ON. (If you make it through spot #191 by the end of Beer Week, you must be in possession of a personal jet pack.) For the full scroll of IPA-lovely, lager-major, hopsy-happy doings, places, and people, make for the headquarters for the actual, honest-to-ale San Diego Beer Week. Yes, it's always beer week 'round the top beer city, but call this the beer week among beer weeks. You get where we're coming from.

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