Get Reacquainted with the Sun

Fiesta Hermosa is back for the long weekend.

Remember 80?

Not 1980. Not Highway 80, a road that delivered a lot of us to California. We're talking the temperature 80.

It can be hard this time of year, in these May Gray days, in these spitty-sorta-rain times, to recall what it felt like to don a pair of board shorts and a tank top and stroll around a street fair eating something that contains the words "shaved" and "ice."

You'll remember 80 over the Memorial Day Weekend when Fiesta Hermosa unfurls again along downtown Hermosa and the beach. It's a three-day, mega-booth-and-music affair, full of people-watching and kite-pointing-at and wind-chime-browsing and beer-gardening.

Admission is free. Best check on parking and shuttle options before going. A lot of people are expected, note.

And it'll be 80. On Saturday, at least. Tank-toppery shall reign.

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