Great American Kids’ Bike Parade

The holiday starts early on the Fourth in Long Beach.

Great American 4th of July Bike Parade

While some celebrate Fourth of July all day long, it is a holiday that tends to have a definite nighttime focus. Let us think why. Hmm. Seems obvious. Oh, right. All of those sparkly, night-sky-filling fireworks. There are also all of those traditional barbecues, too, which tend to happen, if not in the evening, then later in the day.

So the morningtime Fourth of July event always catches our fancy, especially when it involves tots on bikes that are covered in red, white, and blue touches. It's very hometown-style sweet, very Fourth of yore, and very much happening nowadays, at least in Belmont Shore. Because the Great American 4th of July Kids' Bike Parade is back to cycle in another holiday.

The spokes start turning at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 4.

Also on the roster: a watermelon seed contest (yep, it involves seeing how far one can be spit). And a patriotic speech competition. Oh, and costumes, too, Expect to see many Uncle Sams waving behind big white beards and tall hats covered in glittery stars.

It's all free to watch, too. And figure that by the time the parade and the contests and the seed-spittery wraps, you'll still have time to make both your barbecue and a fireworks show.

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